An analysis of calcite crystal prisms in making a fully functional invisibility cloak

True Independent, slight edenite leanings Description: Though the weight of responsibility is that much greater, it also means that the champion has access to the very best training and equipment the faction has to offer.

They often avoid taking sides, preferring to remain neutral as this kind of approach allows them to get their hands on technology, used by all sides. For the time being. Over the years they have learned many tricks and minor modifications to their weapon and armor systems that allow for much greater facility when dealing with heat in all its forms.

With Vast Resources perks, you get a massive discount to anything bought with RP, meaning you can fit more of anything and everything onto your Mecha, compared to other factions.

Fortunately, they have the tools they need As far as conventional threats go, Void Knight machines are among the most resilient in existence. This old but still viable system generates a field of sensor and energy disruption around your Mecha, making your Mecha glow as if illuminated by heaven.

Powerblade Melee weapon Melee type: The Drone's illusion is near perfect to most technological sensors, so unless an enemy can pierce Photo-Refraction Cloaking systems, they must be within their Close range to realize it is a Drone. Pilots aligned with CHOAM who have been granted access to their elite stores can obtain one special piece of technology from ANY faction, though this would take massive investment to obtain.

All in all though, a USN machine usually won't have the same sense of "cool" as a Mecha using other Faction techs. Powerblade weapons function as Energy weapons for the purpose of Energy Mastery. This forms a wide variety of technologies around the whims of the workers in question.

This extrapolation of Gravity tech uses a fluctation in space-time to massively increase gravity within a small area at range, damaging and knocking down opponents, and rooting them in place. Multiple Stern Gaze attacks from different Fusion Lances stack with each other as if they were repeated hits from the same Lance.

This somewhat expensive but useful mod to VTP missiles allows LEXI herself to piggyback along on each missiles flight, making corrections to its flight pattern as need be to grant a greatly increased chance of hitting a target, even for those who are not particularly apt at ranged combat.

However, CHOAM forces mostly fit a support role, being termed as the medic, or the "white mage" of the group, with their powerful healing tools. They prefer to remain neutral for most part, only participating in actions to acquire new technology, from their own side or their enemy's.

With their heaviest weapons designed for short ranged combat, the Void Knights are easily outgunned at long range.

This, is perhaps the greatest strength of a Seraph. All attacks against the drone also go against the Drone. All of the technology revolves around the rest, so it is most likely that any Solar Furnace equipped machine is bound to have many pieces of faction tech with few exceptions.

The most idealistic of all factions, which is saying something with Orb in the mix. It costs 12 EP. This functions only if the Knight is not cloaked.

With access to a broad spectrum of armor types, regenerative abilities, resilience boosting perks, and newtype based special equipments, FEAR is the faction to go for if you don't care much for others and prefer to rely on yourself.

Most notably the constant bickering of the group makes PAIN pilots suspicious and unlikely to risk themselves for allies.

This modified form of the damaging Smasher gravity mines is a nonlethal warhead designed to slow quick enemies down or pin slower enemies in place, and because of the properties of gravity, it works better the more massive the target is.

The Syndicate generally keeps to itself, doing business as usual. They also specialize in QC weaponry and armor, making them very strong in melee and with Spike drivers. Can serve any faction, but once you choose a major faction, you're generally stuck with them.

This mod costs 14 RP. Free agency makes you unpopular after a short while. Their Elite warriors are very dangerous as they always use aggressive and unique Newtype powers in addition of melee and ranged weaponry.

This includes Suppression weapons. They also have little to offer Newtypes, and anyone who doesn't use E type weaponry will find themselves lacking attacking power when equipped with Orb tech. It cannot crit and automatically hits all targets in range. Noah is easily the most brilliant single scientist alive, and produces a wide variety of top end technology for the Retributors to use.

They also wish to find a way to destroy the worst of the Green EDEN contaminating the Earth, so that once more all branches of humanity may reside in perpetuity on the surface of their homeworld.

When used in Piercing Glare mode, the Fusion Lance gains a reload time of 2, plus 1 round per target struck after the first. However, all of their technology is reliant upon the Aetherdrive and its supply of Aether energy, which can be expensive to maintain and time consuming to keep fueled in battle, depending on your build.

Their reliance on teamwork and specialization makes Cipher units far less effective when isolated. Recently, Ashino has brokered an alliance with Durandel in order to confront what he perceives as a greate threat, his reborn older "brother", Zacharis Frost, of the Memento Mori.

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Crystals which caused strong hand clenching and painfully violent spasms included meteoritic iron, French quartz crystal, calcite, arragonite, tourmaline, beryl, selenite, fluorspar, and barite.

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[liblouis-liblouisxml] Re: List of UEB words An analysis of calcite crystal prisms in making a fully functional invisibility cloak
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