An analysis of fusion reaction

Fusion has been initiated by man, using uncontrolled fission explosions to ignite so-called Hydrogen Bombs. Due to the nature of fusion torch drives, your small ships may be sitting on the end of a large volume drive assembly.

This reaction fuses two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium 2H and tritium 3Hto form helium and a neutron. This varies by technique NIF has a record of 3E14 neutrons per second [47] while a typical fusor produces 1E5—1E9 neutrons per second.

The superconductor forms an axisymmetric magnetic field that contains the plasma. Requirements[ edit ] A substantial energy barrier of electrostatic forces must be overcome before fusion can occur. This method sends a strong current in the z-direction through the plasma.

As a result, about one gram of fuel is consumed per day per megawatt of electrical energy produced. There are significant disadvantages, however.

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The further this is taken, the less work for me. For larger nucleihowever, no energy is released, since the nuclear force is short-range and cannot continue to act across longer atomic length scales.

Fusion power

As it disintegrates the pellet is bathed in a more uniform x-ray light, creating better compression. If we take as our system of analysis one D atom and one He-3 atom, we have two ions the D and the He-3 and three electrons one for the D and two for the He This means they have to have a speed of 2 kilometers per second.

Vehicle Performance The important performance numbers to look at are the ratio of maximum exhaust power to engine mass power-to-mass ratio and the exhaust velocity. Even when they do occur, these reactions are often very slow. Each electron also has three degrees of freedom for the same reason.

Any neutrons and x-rays produced are wasted energy, since they contribute nothing to the thrust and cause damage to the ship and crew.

The Analysis of the Fusion Reaction of Two Colliding Nuclei Using the FCC Lattice Model

Finally it is a plus if the reaction does not release neutrons, because they are not only dangerous radiation, but they have the nasty habit of weakening engine parts " Neutron embrittlement "and transmuting engine parts into radioactive elements " Neutron activation ".

On the plus side, in theory the Lawson criterion can be lowered by using antiprotons as a catalyst. So for many years the fight has been between the solar models the astrophysical solutionand neutrino physics the particle physics solution.

Imagine a hollow tube ringed with magnetic coils. Some of the main synthetic processes include: The tertiary task is to breed tritium for the fusion pellets, since the blasted stuff has an unstable half-life of barely 12 years.

reaction of Fe2 to Fe3 when the melt occurs The Rigaku Journal, 26(2), 15 X-ray fluorescence analysis by fusion bead method for ores and rocks Yasujiro Yamada* Technical articles *SBU WDX, X-ray Analysis Division, Rigaku Corporation.

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Application fields of XRF analysis and fusion beads method. Fig. 1.


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An important fusion process is the stellar nucleosynthesis that powers stars and the Sun. In the 20th century, it was recognized that the energy released from nuclear fusion reactions accounted for the longevity of stellar heat and light. A reaction's cross section, denoted σ, is the measure of the probability that a fusion reaction will happen.

This depends on the relative velocity of the two nuclei. This depends on the relative velocity of the two nuclei.

The complete fusion channel of two approaching nuclei, including the interaction potential and fusion cross section, is systematically analyzed using the face-center-cubic (FCC) approach.

Nuclear fusion

For this purpose, we assume. Fusion cross sections provide a convenient tool for investigating the complete fusion channel of two interaction nuclei. In the present survey, the standard theoretical approach to treat fusion reactions, namely the coupled-channel (CC) method, is employed to calculate the theoretical values of this quantity.

An analysis of fusion reaction
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