An analysis of les miserablesjean valjean

One of the most compassionate things he did was guarding Cossette and treating her as if she were his own daughter.

Les Misérables Characters

He went into prison a simple and devoted brother and uncle, and left it filled with despair, hopelessness, bitterness and anger at the injustice of his treatment. His several journeys span across a length of twenty years. His solution is to drown himself in the Seine. Read an in-depth analysis of Javert.

Marius grows up in the home of his grandfather, M. Javert arrests Valjean as the real culprit, but his prisoner escapes a few hours later after pulling out a bar of his cell window. Page Number and Citation: Intelligent, cunning and scheming, Thenardier is willing to manipulate the genuine feelings of others in order to make a buck.

It is only after meeting the Bishop that Valjean is able to see a way forward to help others who might also have fallen foul of a society which was not always sensitive to the needs of all its members and was dismissive of those who committed any infringement of its rules, with no heed given to circumstance, and no offer of compassion or understanding.

Valjean was born a decent human being. He was not perfect, but withdrew into himself and His whole life is a quest for redemption, and he ultimately finds bliss on his deathbed.

Champmathieu, convinced that all the world is mad if Father Madeleine is Jean Valjean, is acquitted. He remembers that he owes his first duty to God and makes a mad dash to the court in another town to reveal the truth.

When they meet again years later, Fauchelevent returns the favor by hiding Valjean and Cosette in a convent. Eponine is a wretched creature who helps her parents steal, but she is eventually redeemed by her love for Marius. Perhaps because he has escaped their corrupting influence, he is spirited, good-hearted, wise beyond his years, and yet he retains a youthful loyalty and faith in his friends the students with whom he shares the principle of wanting to help his fellow man.

Apart from experience and the people whose paths we cross on our travels, our identity is dependent on our character, and what sets Valjean apart from others who might have shared similar experiences is his determination not to allow the bitterness of the past to cast its shadow on the future.

Les Misérables Jean Valjean: Summary and Analysis

Javert zhah-VEHRa police inspector with a strong sense of duty that impels him to track down the man whom he considers a depraved criminal. Valjean is an ex-convict who leaves behind a life of hatred and deceit and makes his fortune with his innovative industrial techniques.

This, combined with a willingness to accept responsibility for his actions, allows him to accept the past, learn from it and go on to help others avoid situations similar to those he has encountered.

The Thenardiers Valjean and Javert, though poles apart, share a belief in something greater than themselves. Although she abandoned her child Cosette, this was done with the best of intentions and was the result of pressure applied by society in the form of prejudice and hypocrisy.

Marius In Marius and the adult Cosette we see youthful passion and undiluted love.

Les Misérables

He chooses to follow the letter of the law, not its spirit, thus displaying his complete faith in God and his own principles. Fauchelevent becomes indebted to Valjean when Valjean saves him from a carriage accident. A farewell letter from Cosette sends him to die at the barricade during a street revolt.

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Jean Valjean stands at the center of Les Misérables and becomes a trial figure for Hugo’s grand theories about the redemptive power of compassion and love. Valjean goes into prison a simple and decent man, but his time in jail has a seemingly irreversible effect on him, and he emerges from the chain gang a hardened criminal who hates society for.

Jean Valjean.

Les Miserables: Jean Valjean Character Analysis

Identity is a very complex matter and is dependent on a number of factors, though primarily character and experience. Jean Valjean is the product of the society he lived in, both in terms of the social conditions that led to him stealing a loaf of bread, and the excessive sentence he received as punishment for his crime.

Les Miserables study guide contains a biography of Victor Hugo, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Frankenstein follows Victor Frankenstein's triumph as he reanimates a dead body, and then his An analysis of les miserablesjean valjean guilt for creating such a thing.

An analysis of les miserablesjean valjean
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Jean Valjean in Les Misérables