Ratio analysis of aramit cement

At first, the report analyzes the comparative balance sheets and profit and loss account from Industry Overview Cement sector is the largest increase sector in Bangladesh. They are, Aramit Cement Ltd. These sources are mainly secondary ones. As there are more companies in the cement industry, it does not give us a full view of the overall industry.

The country lacks limestone—a major raw material required to make cement. InBangladesh became self sufficient in cement production. The Daily Star Bangladesh is having a Free Trade Agreement talk with Sri Lanka which means that Bangladesh may have good chance of exporting its surplus cement to Sri Lanka, and once it does that, the doors of other countries who lack cement industry, may also open up for Bangladeshi cement.

Moreover, obtaining raw materials, environmental issues, political instability, natural disasters, inconsistent supply of electricity and unavailability of foreign machinery severely affect the local cement industries.

Different companies have different methods to present their data. This report was prepared for Mr. These companies are, Meghna Cement Ltd.

All other cement production facilities that are in operation today are clinker grinding units, facilities where imported clinkers are ground to produce cement.

Aramit Cement (ARAMITCEM )

The only production stage performed in Bangladesh, to make cement, is importing the clinker and grinding it with gypsum to give pure cement. As a result, the cement industry in the country began to develop after Now Bangladesh is producing surplus cement to its requirements and there are more companies than what the country needed.

This report analyzes the financial statements of of Confidence Cement Ltd. Various sources have been used to prepare this report. Bythere were as many as 56 cement grinding factories in the country with a total production capacity of The cement industry in Bangladesh is riddled with lots of problems, which are hindering its growth.

This was the only integrated cement plant in the whole country because of the lack of raw materials.

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Aramit Cement Limited (ACL). At first we gathered information from the firm’s financial statement. We collected the data from year to However within this five year period we calculated the profitability analysis, liquidity analysis, activity ratio, debt management ratio and market book ratio.

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Figure Payout Ratio 0n Common Stock of Confidence Cement Ltd. & the Industry Average Inthe payout ratio of Confidence Cement Ltd. was %. This means % of the company’s earnings were paid as dividends. Aramit Cement Limited (ACL) is one of the prominent cement manufacturing companies in Bangladesh.

The Company is a public listed Company which was incorporated as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, on 19th August ACL established with technical collaboration of a Chinese. From our analysis we can say that the liquidity position, capital structure, profitability position and EPS (earning Per Share) of the Confidence Cement Limited is much better than the Aramit Cement Limited.

From the perspective of some activity ratio analysis Aramit Cement Limited is much better than Confidence Cement Limited. View Essay - Ratio-Analysis (1) from FIN at Independent University, Bangladesh. Ratio Analysis of Aramit Cement Ltd.

& Confidence Cement Ltd Liquidity Ratio 1. Current Ratio: Current Ratio.

Ratio analysis of aramit cement
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