Swot analysis of nirma shudh salt

In India its use in agriculture is rather looked on with 11disfavour. Per capita consumption of salt in the country is estimated at about 12 kg. The colour disappears when salt is crushed to powder. InAnnapurna, another national salt brand, was launched.

Distinct market vision, infrastructure, good distribution network, umbrella branding and low profile media promotions allowed it to offer quality products, at affordable prices.

Most of the respondents are housewife and service people who are purchasing salt so company can target them for their advertisement.

And if the issue is one of loss of employment of some small-scale producers of salt, the solution is formation of salt co-operatives, which should be given free equipment and other facilities for salt ionization.

With a view to further liberalize and facilitate realization of salt cess from the salt manufacturers erstwhile licenseesthe Government has introduced Self Removal Procedure SRP in place of consignment-wise 12 permits system for removal of salt from the Salt Factories vide Notification dated 4th September, Rapid socialization coupled with enhanced preference in maintaining social status among non-drinkers will stimulate the industry demand.

Although Saffola salt 26has been launched without much fanfare, the repeat purchases since its launch a few days back are commendable.

Study of Indian Salt Industry

The brand occupies a niche and is doing well for itself. During the yearno scarcity or abnormal price rise was reported in any part of the country. The per-capita consumption of salt in the country is estimated at about 12 kg, which includes edible as well as industrial salt.

Patanjali Namak It is a brand that is known for its quality and low prices. The second in the rung is Annapurna, with close to 16 per cent share. Only 17 per cent of the iodized salt produced in India is of the refined category, which means that the remaining 83 per cent salt is being produced by medium and small manufacturers.

While performance of staple foods has been patchy and has fallen short of expectations, one market that's remained on top of the heap and growing faster is branded salt.

Tata Salt continues to reap the early bird advantage, with a leading 39 per cent share of the national branded salt segment, and a 17 per cent share of the total iodized branded salt market.

The company has also launched its consumer schemes of two sachet of Clinic all Clear free with the 1 Kg pack of Annapurna salt. In India its use in agriculture is rather looked on with 11 disfavour. But what about brand loyalty. Slowly and gradually, price-conscious housewives became eager buyer of this homemade and low-priced Rs.

Salt works having an area of more than 10 Acres including salt works set up by the co-operative societies are covered under the provisions of the Salt Cess Act, Under normal conditions, of the average salt production Taking the country's present population at crores, the requirement for edible salt would be 60 lakh tones per annum.

The salt manufacturing season begins with the closure of monsoons i. The concessions provided in the rate of Cess in the Salt Cess Rules, and subsequent amendment made vide Ministry of Industrys Notification dated Complying with safety, environment and social obligations. It, however, absorbs moisture owing to the presence of magnesium chloride.

Competition is hotting up in the branded salt market with Tata Salt, the blockbuster brand of Tata Chemicals Ltd, emerging as the market leader.

Value is referring to the quantitative aspect product relative to other product.

Global Fortified Salts Market Research Report 2018

Despite a burgeoning population and the corresponding increase in the demand for edible salt, it is clear that on the industrial salt front, the industry has heavy odds stacked against it. Not sure about the methodology used for data available in the research.

And for this, the country requires standardization of quality and concentration of supplies instead of the present scattered quantities available with the small manufacturers.

HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Another recent entrant to the branded salt category is Dandi salt. But given that the brand even today enjoys a strong recall, it is unlikely that Captain Cook will die a silent death.

Besides, significant laddering benefits of branded atta haven't yet evolved. This trade name, within a short span of two old ages, had cornered significant market portion in the premium detergent section and continues to execute better in rural market and this will be a large hit. In FY97, Nirma group restructured its operations and merged 4 companies, viz.

Nirma Shudh salt, Surya salt, Saffola salt, Nature Fresh salt, Nutra salt and unorganized salt firm are the major threats to the market leader. Following are some of the factors that are influencing the edible salt industry. From making a small lot of a powder once a week inKarshanbhai moved up to kg.

Fortified Salts Market Comprehensive Analysis of Geographical Segmentation forecasts to 2025

Developed market such as Europe show negative impact due to shut down of many synthetic soda ash manufacturers and turning to new substitute through research and development.

Sales and Revenue Analysis – Both, sales and revenue are studied for the different regions of the Fortified Salts Market. Another major aspect, price, which plays important part in the revenue generation, is also assessed in this section for the various regions.

Request sample of market research report on Global Fortified Salts Market Research Report Explore detailed TOC, tables and figures of Global Fortified Salts Market Research Report 7.

Aashirvaad salt. It is acquired by evaporating salty water in shallow basins with the help of wind and sunlight. Iodine is added in the salt. It is a brand of ITC group that produce and sell high-quality salt.

_____ 8. Nirma Shudh. The salt was launched in and is a quality product obtained by Nirma. The salt provides many health benefits. Expert views 9. SWOT analysis Major findings Suggestion Conclusion 3. Company Analysis of NIRMA NIRMAINTRODUCTION: Nirma is a group of companies based in the city of Ahmedabad in western India thatmanufactures products ranging from cosmetics, soaps, detergents, salt.

HUL SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited): 1. HUL is a part of the Unilever group, hence strong brand equity 2. It has over employees 3. The company will be marketing the salt called “ Nirma Salt ” on a platform of “ value for money ”, which is common to all its other merchandises.

Nirma Washing Powder SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

At the minute Nirma Salt is being test marketed in rural countries of Gujarat. SWOT ANALYSIS OF NIRMA WASHING POWDER IN RURAL AREAS. Strengths: A.

Swot analysis of nirma shudh salt
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